Start menu overhaul and more

Alright. I had a long Zwift ride and these ideas together with many more dont getting out of my head. I wish i knew something about coding and would be a member in the zwift staff i would do nothing else then coding till its done. But hey “it will be released soon” … :slight_smile: Lets see:

The start screen currently looks like this:

Well what always comes in my mind when i see this is why not upgrade it to the absolut userfriendliness?

First of all choosing a world would be a nice thing. I’m pretty sure the current schedule is based on statistics which world is the most/less ridden one and therefore has more or less course availability per week. Why not giving the user the option to choose? So the course schedule will disappear …


  • Watopia
  • London
  • Richmond
  • New York
  • Innsbruck
  • Velodrome :slight_smile:

Second which Route to choose from and if none of them matches the daily desire then just simply create your own route and maybe save it for later …


  • standard route
  • create route
  • save settings yes/no

Creating routes just watch …

Training settings are ok good but selecting many single zone slots and combine them to one single intervall which you could copy inside the interval creation tool would be very handy …


  • Workouts
  • Plans
  • Motor pacing
  • Ghost Rider


Next one would be creating group rides in real time! Currently starting events are only possible inside Zwift and on this site:

Unfortunately riding inside Zwift and adding Events in real time doesnt work?! Closing Zwift and loading it again solves the issue but seriously … Many times this was discussed and i dont get the point why you are celebrating yourself and pass time without progress (new worlds are sensless if the micromanagement lacks quality).

Of course it is possible to set up a bunch of rides so logging out isnt essential. But its just a pain!

The Workaround and ultimate change: The current upcoming event menu will not disapear but integrated in a table where Zwifters can see all upcoming rides more compact with many slots to filter rides/events. The following points will appear partially in the table to filters rides and completely in the creation menu for group rides and races. All Zwifter should use these creation and search tables all the time during riding and before set up a ride, multiple rides. Have a look …


  • set world
  • set route direction clockwise (cw) / counterclockwise (ccw)
  • set lap, lenght or time limit
  • set zwifters limit x or time limit for creation (in other words if the zwifters limit is reached the ride will start same for the time counter if the coutner is done the ride will start no matter how many zwifters have signed the ride)
  • set workout
  • set w/kg pace
  • set if leader pace is limit yes/no (if no drafting is active)
  • set drafting +/- % in flat in high of x based on leader
  • if w/kg pace is lower x riders will jump back to group
  • if w/kg pace is lower x riders will leave group ride
  • if w/kg pace is higher x riders will leave group ride
  • save settings yes/no

Creating races follow equal structures like the "CREATE GROUP RIDE" menu:


  • set world
  • set route (cw/ccw)
  • set lap, lenght or time limit
  • set zwifters limit x or time limit for creation
  • all zwifters share same weight yes/no
  • drafting allowed yes/no
  • set drafting +/- % in flat in high of x based on leader
  • set tolerated powermeter (you can choose from a list of powermeter tools which are valid for the race)
  • save settings yes/no

And last but not least. "JOIN ANOTHER ZWIFTER?" should get an overhaul too. Just 3 buttons one for Friends, one for Online and for Search in detail the Friends button would reveal these options:

  • Friends (total number)
  • World
  • Distance
  • AvG Speed
  • Workout yes/no
  • Profile (by clicking on this you will see the profile on your desktop OS like in the iOS version (smartphone)

The Online button would reveal this:

  • Online (total number)
  • World
  • Distance
  • AvG Speed
  • Workout yes/no
  • Profile (by clicking on this you will see the profile on your desktop OS like in the iOS version (smartphone)

And by clicking search you would get a search prompt. Self-explanatory.

All in all it would look similar like this (from a common video game):

Basically Zwift could use this as a base layout and simply just has to adjust some game specific points. Done!


You could choose between different servers (races, group rides in our case), maps, details see how many slots are free and so on. If nothing matches your ideas start a group or race on your own. The thing is you wont get into a world without seeing anyone (as long as the race mode in not active) all the rides (group, race) are collected in the current world/map. I guess you get my point.

Next why are zwifters not allowed to go back to start-up screen?

Back would mean back to Zwift world and End Ride will pop-up this:

??? So going back to start-up screen is not possible, sure. But WHY?

Besides i dont get the point to pay monthly 15 $ as long as you dont implement any of these features. It makes me sad the construct is nice but serious features from many people here wont see any way to get into the game although there are many very good requests.

Dont take it to seriously. But sure i would be nice if you would realise these points in the next 3 month. :smiley:

Kind regards

I would like route creation over multiple worlds.

As a warm-up I take the Watopia KOM Forward, then Box Hill and Fox Hill, then Innsbruck KOM Forward and Reverse, then Epic KOM Forward and Reverse and finally finish on the Alpe.


Yes when it comes to ranking i totally agree with you.

I would like to have an intervall menu linked to a specific route be it selfmade or standard in interaction with KOMs or individual points on the Map as well.

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Holy cow! how long did it take you to put this together?! Good work! I think the only thing that you’re missing, from my list anyway is a garage or shop to customize/tune bikes, kits, etc. It’s been a while since I’ve played the Need For Speed games but that’s what I think about when I envision a garage.

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I was sitting on my bike riding on Zwift and searched the forums … hehe :crazy_face: