All the world at once

(Mark Hewitt) #1

Who needs world switching when you could have all the roads combined into one big super world where you can ride anywhere.

World switching
New York: A Month Later :cityscape: (Poll Inside)
Babyish maps are just to much
Start menu overhaul and more
(Dan Dube) #2

yes. want.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #3

This is the dream!

(Niels Karhof) #4

WoW Mark!! Nice!
+1 !

(Jason Roth) #5

This x 100000000, please!!!

(Maarten Geijsberts) #6

Nicely done! +1 for me :+1:

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #7

A wonderful idea. It is all virtual, so why not?

(Tristan Harradine [DIRT]) #8

Anyone know how long this would be to do a full loop of all roads?

(lee wingate) #9

Great idea. Or ride through portals into the other world

(lee wingate) #10

Super. Get on it please Zwift

(..Troy) #11

Great Idea. This is without doubt the best solution to world choice.
Make Watopia the central hub with the others joined by roads or tunnels.
The sooner the better, please Zwift.

(Father Damo2(TR Echo)) #12

Love the idea but know it would play havoc with my Strava, the GPS side. Afaik all locations have correct GPS stats, so can you imagine the lines on strava linking NYC with London and innsbruck, never mind the Islands of Jarvis in the south pacific (Watopia) as you ride between them all!

This still gets my vote, I’m sure Zwift could separate the locations as different rides for Strava, as suggested in another feature request, Portals, wormholes, a staging ground where you can ride and choose which portal/world you enter and are told above how many people are in that world…

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #13

Yeah, but so what? It isn’t the real world. And in the case of London only some of it even maps to real streets. The mapping takes liberties with some locations.

Box Hill for example:


In reality, Box Hill is around 20-25 miles from the location Zwift puts it on Strava.

(Steve Ellis) #14

Abandon the real world GPS linkage. Put all of it in the South Pacific. Watopia is already an artificial creation. So is a lot of New York City. There are no real world GPS linkages to glass roads in the sky over NYC. And the hills in London are artificially connected as well.

Do something, however, to leave enough room to expand Watopia, NYC, etc. from their current sizes, without overlapping the relocated Innsbruck, London, etc.

(Rob Lewis ) #15

That would be amazing, as long as you can choose a start point

(Cleve Waterman 70y/o) #16

Great idea!

(Pitch Blank) #17

Perfect! :ride_on:

(Lauren Matusiak) #18

wow what a really good idea. Got my vote :slight_smile:

(Richard Haslam) #19

Great mock up! Really like this idea. I know the Zwift team say they worry riders will be too far apart if we switch worlds/have a really big map. But in my experience there are so many people that if you find someone with a close ability to you on a ride, I tend to stick with them for awhile as we push each other harder… but then you hit a big group of people and loose them. A bigger map would help with this IMHO

(N. Mathys) #20

•It would give you so many options to ride big routes, flat routes without making circles all the time.
•I could ride Richmond more often since i love it and it’s never on the schedule.
•The people would spread better on the map, without having like 100 people right in front of you looking like an Antfarm!
•Even Races could be more Epic
•I just love the idea
•Leveling could be more interessting, because you could lock many parts of the map to unlock with higher levels.
•No need for a mapschedule anymore
•You could implement offroadtracks for runners and Mtbs without the need to make that on any map. Since you can always use it.
•You could even implement a Velodrome, where you can hold sprinting Races or where you can ride a perfectly flat route. All this ideas can be done so much easier if it is just one big map, otherwise people always need to wait to use this stuff or you have to put it in every single map.
•No need to make new worlds anymore, just make the main Map better and better
•And did I mention you could do stuff for mtbs :wink: