Babyish maps are just to much

Is it me?..or is anyone else wondering what is going off…this new york map,what the ■■■■.cycling through glass tubes,glass roads,up and over roofs…if i wanted to play wipeout i’d buy the game.i am a cyclist so if i’m stuck on a turbotrainer i want to see the outdoors,mountains,valleys,rivers etc.on watopia it was bad enough going through a glass tunnel with fish in it!!!..but now it’s wreck it ralph…you are not going get video game players spending £700 plus on a turbo and god knows what on a bike.if you listen to your users as you make out,when you are going to make a new map why don’t you give a few options for users to vote on?..such as voting for a iconic mountain course,urban course,or the glass tube,bright lights childs video game look?..if this theme carries on i will be gone to look something else

To each his own. I like New York and Watopia, and London for that matter. Haven’t ridden Innsbruck or Richmond yet.

well the map itself is creative and to discuss about if it is nice or not … i rather would vote for this:


having an individual monthly schedule setup would be nice aswell.
if you like give me a liftetime membership. :ride_on: :grin:

Disagree completely with TC. Zwift has an animated style. I have no problems with some fictitious areas such as an underwater tunnel in Watopia or Skyways in NYC (which are there to provide more climbing and distance for those that want it). Hardly makes it baby-ish or childish. Cannot at all relate to the condescending attitude. Like other platforms, if Zwift doesn’t work for you, there are other ones to try, but Zwift is fantastic imho.

Now that said, yes, I do wish we had some more epic courses. Now that we have a few worlds, all of which having 6-20 minute climbs (except Richmond), and then the Alpe du Zwift, I do wish we had a series of Alpine/Pyrenees/Dolomites style passes that we could take from one direction or another, or do their entire loop. It’s kind of hard at the moment to train for rides like that and just go up and down the Alp.

They just got infused with 120M in investment capital. They’re setting up esports and pro events. They’re adding Dropz soon. They’re probably a little thin development-wise wanting to do all these different things, but I fully expect more routes and scenic variety - for next fall. Maybe something new in a few months but we just had NYC.

Style-wise though I don’t know what to tell you. Played all the games you mentioned and never thought those games childish and never thought Zwift childish either. It’s better than all the others out there combined.

NYC is probably my favorite. i like the short loops and the sky course. I also think that Innsbruck is pretty cool too with its very true to life graphics.

No one’s forcing you to use Zwift sooo yeah.

On a side note, I’m a gamer who also enjoys cycling and find that Zwift is a perfect blend of the two.

There’s magical power ups and volcanoes to ride in case NY is too unrealistic. I agree, without the smell of urine Central Park seems off.

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Let’s see. Spend the next three months inside of a cold woodshed, staring at the wall and trying to stay motivated to get up at 3am daily and ride, OR, ride with somewhat unrealistic Zwift, where I can interact with the psuedo-environment and increase my strength and power. I choose Zwift.

theres always rouvy - bye