New world and world selection to spread out people

I’ve been using Zwift since the beginning and are very happy with your service. The reason of this request is regarding your steadily increase in user base, now 2000-4000 people live on same map. It’s getting too crowded to be fun, always behind or in front of someone make it hard to run with your friends but also workout in general. You need to really start thinking how to solve this. My sugestion is to hire a new team (I’m certain you can afford it) to start with a completely new world and continue expanding current maps as usual. I’m only at Watopia because I like the variation. You should have even more of that. More mountains, hills, villages, ocean ride, jungle, snow etc but also surrealistic environments like the volcano and water tunnel. You could make even more fantasy like caves, underground tunnels, large forests etc. Everything don’t need to reflect reality to be a fun ride. I want to escape reality!

You should also let users choose world freely and no more world schedule. I know you can do it by force but it’s too complicated and no events. Users should be spread out now when you have so many. You could even have in-game portals to travel between worlds (probably with some loading delay though).

Also make high end graphics to satisfy gamling people like me with good PC :slight_smile:

There is a new world coming and and expansion to Watopia and London are planned for next year. 

Having the ability to choose what world you ride is coming.

Zwift has not post a road map or timeline on when these are coming.

That is great news Paul, thanks for the update!

Hi Paul any more news on the the new world and new roads. Zwift is getting a bit boring now and we need some new updates. After all the subscription is going up nearly double and I don’t feel we are getting our monies worth at the moment. Richmond is rubbish and London is now getting a bit frustrating with Watopia being the only decent world to ride. I use zwift 6-7 days a week and ride between 50 and 100 miles in each session so you can see my problem. I have spoken to a lot off people who have said exactly the same thing too.