Zwift Feedback from random Guy

Hello Zwifters,
my biggest issues with Zwift in the past has been, that you can’t ride the map you want to. I think the solution with making Watopia the main World and the Guest Worlds on calender is very good!
I didn’t try the MTB steeringtrack yet but i already made it up the AdZ two times on the Scott Spark and i love to see mtb in Zwift. I think it’s a great addition!
I love to see that the developers of Zwift take the feedback very serious but and the same time i want to say that you should not implement anything the people want. Some ideas can be bad for zwifg even tho many people want it. Better focus on quality of zwift then on quantity of options for now. This will be a better investment for the future atm. Better Graphics, smoother Picture, less bugs, smart rewards etc. Just my thoughts. Let me know what you think.