Zwift Focus Group

Hey everyone!

We’re looking to put together a group, who alongside our Wayfinders and Event Organisers, will be invited to give feedback on new developments that we’re making, be that a new route idea or a different game mode. Basically “new stuff” in general.

I can’t promise that everyone who gets in touch will be invited to trial everything that we’re looking to develop, but if this sounds like something you would be interested in, please drop me an email ( and include your Forum Username.


I suppose it depends on what this means. Is it a high level ‘this seems like a good/bad idea’ or ‘I would [not] use this’ kind of thing, or are you looking for opinions on how things work in practice, and/or how they may affect and link in with other aspects of the game, such as performance and end user experience?

Do you want a new home screen?
Is the new home screen working as intended?
XYZ is what we intended - do you agree?
How does the the new home screen affect your experience?

All are questions about the home screen, but all have very different answers and require varying amounts of supplementary information to be answered appropriately.

“Do you want to try something new and let us know if you like it” is probably nearer the mark.

Personally I would be looking for discussion and engagement within that group, looking for a wider range of feedback than just a simple yes or no.

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Just emailed you.

Just emailed you

E mailed you.

Email sent :slight_smile:

Email sent - sounds fun!

@gloscherrybomb told me I could test the frame rate on Gravel Mountain.


Contacting you now, good idea.

Thanks everyone for emailing me.

I’m collating all the requests and we’ll (possibly me) be in touch with further details.

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If you need someone to test any new trainers you might be about to roll out then i’ll selflessly accept any trainers you might be sending out - all in the name of helping zwift obviously!


We appreciate your selfless acts on the behalf of the community.


Be testing this then.

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Sign me up!

Good initiative!

It’s already been chatted about on Zwift Hype too.

Yeah I know, that was my [definitely 100% not chucked together in PowerPoint] mock-up. :wink:

Stuart’s reply is excellent. :rofl:


Sent you an email :slight_smile: