More For Mountain Bikers!

Hey Zwift Team. I was just thinking, instead of gimmicky stuff that doesn’t work well like the whole steering feature for mountain biking, why not add more constructive, useful stuff for serious mountain bikers? There’s already a few things on Zwift for Mountain Bikers, which is fantastic, but it would be great to see this sort of thing expanded upon. New courses and dirt trails kind of like the jungle area for mountain bikers? New Bikes, new areas, new training programs? I think it would reach a wider audience than just trying to entice people with the ability to steer. Zwift is great because it’s a game, but it trains you to do great in the real world. If it becomes more of a game and less of a training tool it’ll probably just be looked at as a odd and gimmicky game with flaws instead of a great training tool. Just some food for thought, I love Zwift! Ride on!

Yes please! I want dirt courses that we can race on. I suspect something is in the works and will eventually launch when ready. But literally I can’t wait to have this. Steering not needed. Just give me an opportunity to ride and race on the existing MTB and gravel bikes that are in game. I would really love a singletrack race course.


Hi @Selh_Teus and @Shawn_McAfee_DIRT

We’ve been implementing off-road features slowly over the past couple of months. Being able to select a mountain bike for your avatar was only available to a few beta testers at the end of 2019, and now it’s open to all members at Level 12. So we’re making progress.

As far as a mountain bike-specific workout, you may want to look at the Cape Epic ABSA workout, which was introduced to prep you for the relentless stages in the actual Cape Epic stage race. The 2020 Cape Epic mission is active right now in fact - have you signed up for it?


Single track slayer training plan was also just released last week.

I am excited to see more mountain biking features as well. But I am a little confused about a mission to climb 2850m on a Scott spark when there is really no off road place to do this? Am I missing something?

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How much fun it would be to ride 37 laps of the Jungle Circuit Route :rofl:

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does 37 laps cover the 2850? I’m in

@shooj thank you for the response! Zwift has been rolling out off-road content and I am extremely thankful!

Repack Ridge was live with the Zwift brand MTB as a beta test on October 3rd 2019. The Specialized Epic Sworks, Canyon Lux and Scott Spark RC were live for all users in the drop shop on December 6th 2019 along with the Dirt Destroyer, Pebble Pounder and Gravel Grinder off-road focused training plans.

However my point is that the only places to use those new rides and utilize their advantage is on the Jungle Circuit and the Repack Ridge course. Repack Ridge is not possible to do loops on or without steering and the Jungle Circuit has been around for a long time. I’m a fan of both tracks but only 1 of them can host events and the other just isn’t the most interesting with regards to elevation dynamic.

I’m just saying, “hey, I think this stuff is cool and want some more when possible”. I’m very excited for what you guys have planned :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey @shooj, thanks for the reply!

Yes, just finished the ABSA Cape Epic series and loved it. I did find it funny how on some of the dialogue it said things like “This is when we drop down onto the fire road” yet you’re going down a street. Still fun, don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy to see Zwift embracing more and more mountain biking every day! It makes me excited, just don’t stop or lose steam on it.

Mountain Biking is incredibly hot right now and there is definitely a lot of $$$ to be made there. If you start marketing Zwift to Mountain Bikers as well just as you have road cyclists you have a whole new segment of people to cash in on. Mountain Bikers need something for the off season and ugly days too, to stay in practice. I guarantee it.

I hope Zwift keeps expanding on Mountain Biking. More dirt trails and courses would be truly great! Maybe some actual mountain/dirt courses but most of all maybe a long, flowing kind of course like Fuego Flats but for Mountain Bikers. A lot of trails are mostly flat with some small, short little inclines and declines, that would be super cool to see.

That and more mountain bikes, mountain biking gear and kit and of course workouts and such.

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I fully support any additional mountain bike features that are added to zwift.

Is there any timeline or future features that us MTB riders can look forward to?

@Mat_Pewsey and @Selh_Teus

Thanks for the enthusiastic support for mountain biking in Zwift. We don’t have specifics or a timeline we can announce at this time, but as mountain bikers ourselves, it’s something we want to expand. Stay tuned!

Love the MTB focus and new features –

Please also add a way for real MTB on trainers to do high-power intervals - I can’t easily achieve and sustain power above about 350 watts because my gearing is too low (1x MTB).

If you make the resistance curves match our actual bikes we can keep up with roadies on the flats too – virtual speed vs actual watts – we just need to account for the lower gears - thanks!

The Ridge is great! Reminds me of our local trails in the CO front range. Keep making more and longer please. Is there a place to up vote for more mtb trails?

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In the mean time you can do workouts or a training plan using ERG mode and you will have no trouble reaching the higher power levels with your particular gearing.