More MTB trails, please!

Repack Ridge is great, especially with the Sterzo. But it’s only one trail, and not very long at that. Could you please let us know if you are working on more for the near future? More trails of different styles would be good for those of us that invested in the Sterzo. I could see something like Titan’s Grove, but as a singletrack that could be done in both directions… so big mounds and undulations over a longer distance than RR.
Having the Sterzo adds another level of interaction (I tried it with the cell phone on the handlebar and it’s so much better with the Sterzo).

So, my feature requests…
1: More MTB trails
2: Timed sections like on Alpe du Zwift so you see how you’re doing compared to your previous ride through, so you can see if you’re improving on those short steep climbs instead of just the overall course.
3: Cleared sections (NICE LINE) removes some seconds and troubled sections (A BIT ROUGH) adds seconds to your overall time.
4: A dirt section that parallels Titan’s Grove on the way back to the start of Repack Ridge that makes for easier loop ride.
5: If not 4, then allow a left turn onto RR to have a more fluid loop.

This morning I rode RR 4 times and it really is a good workout and it’s as close to mountain biking as I could’ve imagined, riding in my living room. But now… I WANT MORE TRAILS! :crazy_face:

yup, desperate for more MTB content.

Personally i am not fussed about steering, i just want to pretend i am riding off road!

They could create some great trails across Watopia!


Voted and would love to see more MTB only and off-road running trails.

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I just subscribed. Zwift is nice for the rainy day, but as a mountain biker I would like to see more MTB trails too. And MTB specific routes that consist of as many unpaved paths as possible. Maybe it’s an idea to automatically show the MTB routes if your avatar is an MTB?