Mountain Bike Course

Just wondering if a mountain bike course on Zwift is going to be in the works in the future?

EDIT: I just re-read it and I should clarifiy:

We plan on having a more mountainous course (longer hill climb) but an off-road course is currently not planned. Will it be in the future? I definitely can’t see why not!

I would love to see off road trails on Zwift!

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How about a long road bike hill climb followed by switching to mountain bike and single track all the way down, with some jumps :slight_smile:

Agreed. Would love some off-road MTB courses on Zwift and believe it can be easily done. On the startup screen it could allow one to choose MTB or Road with an option to choose your bike whether it be a MTB or Cyclocross rig.



I’m glad there’s some interest in this concept.  I normally ride MTB but use Zwift for fitness when the mud and darkness get too much or I don’t have time to get out.  Zwift is very much geared to Roadie users, which us MTB riders need to get used to.  If there was an off-raod option, then it might attract more subscribers.

I think that it can be done in Zwift.  Using a combination of scenery and resistance, you can encourage the short bursts of high output needed in XC or DH riding by determining the height and length of a jump or height of a berm and of course segment time by the amount of power being produced by the rider. 

The bike would steer itself, as it does on the Road version, but to take corners correctly, do the longest, highest jumps and get to the bottom of a run first, you need to work hard.  Add other riders at the start and you’ve got a very immersive, entertaining training tool which would attract a whole new breed of subscribers.

You could add steering using a smartphone attached to the handlebars, but I think it would be enough to have an off-road option to race down.

Would love to see this happen ASAP and agree with Alastair’s comment!

This does sound cool.  It wouldn’t give the technical aspect of mountain biking, but as suggested in other comments, adding in more resistance as you go over berms or around corners, would force you to give bursts to get back up to speed.  One potential limitation, though, would be are trainers responsive enough to make this in any way realistic?  Obviously wouldn’t do a whole lot for non-smart trainers.  But just the scenery switch up good be interesting.  Also to make it interesting, you could have limits with passing.


Ditto - bring on some XCO courses!!!



only been using zwift for a month but finding it very useful, would be great to see xc courses, or even gravel riding route, would really add to the experience.

This would be awesome beyond words, and as smart trainers get better and better it becomes easier to replicate rapid ups and downs.

Would love an off-road course :slight_smile:

Hi, any news on a possible Mountain Bike course and graphics, I left because I don’t want to see the road routes as I now soley mountain bike. Thanks

Another Zwift mountain biker here would love to see a MTB trail

Another MTB’r here!
Would definitely like a mtb option in zwift as well.

Or at least a mountain bike avatar

MTB and/or cross courses would be great for all the reasons mentioned in the other comments here. I ride almost exclusively on dirt, but use Zwift for off season (and convenient) training. Some structured workouts marketed toward mtb riders would be an easy way to break into the off road segment. Hope to see something someday!

Agree - XC Course would be great or MTB league - Just joined Zwift and have to say it’s hard to compete with roadies on my XC bike - especially with my current 1x10 setup. I am spinning like hamster on the wheel at 140 RPMs to push 300+W. I am on the budget so road bike is not an option for now.

Agree, it’s hard with mountain bike…
It will be great to have a mtb trainning on zwift ! Please…