Mountain Bikes & courses

You have TT, and road bike, why not add mountain biking also.

Im a roadie only, and happy with whats available; but introducing mountain bikes with off road courses, would include the MTB community - something to think about.

Adding some off road courses to watopia; with tracks through bushland/scrub/rocks - jumps etc. ( only MTB avatars can access the offroad sections - much like the LVL11 access to alp/jungle )

Yes, it would mean new models, animations and map alterations, but potentially could grab the attention of an already cycling community into Zwift, and also add some fun stuff for those who just ride roads only.




Thanks for writing in Danny! Mountain Bikes are definitely a section to be considered, and although there’s no concrete plan in the near future for them, they are on our radar. :) 


Would be nice to get  some MTB models. Just to show “we are here“.



MTB tracks could be very nice for running, too. Wide streets are somewhat boring for running, especially since there are at times very few runners.

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Yes, we need more dirt on Zwift! Having at least one mtb model choice would be awesome. And it’s kinda weird cycling a mtb on a smart trainer while seeing a road bike on Zwift :wink: