It's time for MTB and gravel bikes on Zwift

This topic was also mentioned a lot in the old forums. It would be great to have MTB bikes available in Zwift. It’s kinda weird connecting a MTB to a smart trainer and seeing a road or TT bike on screen.

I can only speak as a member of the MTB community, but I guess some riders would like to have a gravel bike as well…

And more dirt on Zwift, please. But that’s another topic :wink:

You’ve got my vote.

Mountainbiking in Zwift would be a lot less scary than doing it in real life. :smiley:

Off-road trails would be a great addition too. Will be weird riding them on a road bike. O_o


You get a plus vote from me!

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I love the idea. Personally i’d still ride on my road bike / direct drive trainer in the real world but riding a mountain bike in game would be something different and exciting. All they’d need to do is whenever you switch to a MTB ride, the trainer difficulty drops to say 25% instead of the 50% default which would make the MTB trail feel a lot more realistic (higher cadence) rather than grinding away.


Another vote here!!

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Still no mtb? New on here but that my friend is a must theyve missed a trick there given there are folks like wahoo who have Specific mtb bike size setting on trainers (Kickr)

my vote is a yeah get it done.


Another upvote. This would be a nice to have, as I’m looking to purchase an NX Eagle cassette specifically to mount my mtb to the Kickr.

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Missing that a lot. MTB bike on a trainer with a road visual is kind of strange

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I can just imagine Wahoo will come-out with a “Kickr Jump” device (like their “Kickr Climb” device) to allow mountain bikers to jump in the virtual world :sunglasses:


You got my vote too.
Hope some courses will be show up in Zwift.


I bought a cheap Racebike just for Zwift. Outdoor I only ride MTB. I don’t really think MTBs in Zwift are that important, for me it would be enough already if there is for example an unlockable Mtb-Wheelset or two or just one MTB to unlock that can be used for Offroadtracks. But what i think would be really awesome is some sections that are narrow roads just for runners and MTB Wheelset with steep sections and gnarly Bridges, Valleys and Rivers. To just get that feeling of Mtb a little bit. I think this is the most important thing missing in Zwift atm. Cheers

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Since we have Alpe d’Huez (aka Alpe du Zwift) already, the first MTB course can only be the most famous MTB race course Megavalanche (aka Zwiftavalanche) :star_struck:

For those who are not familiar with this race, Megavalanche starts at the top of Alpe d’Huez (see 00:22 in the video):


Ski-lift up and then downhill all the way? That’s my kind of course! :smiley:

Hopefully, there will be no shortcut in Zwift. It would be a great reward for pedalling up. And much more fun than riding down the road :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I guess most people freewheel back down anyway. I usually get off the bike and let it coast down for the free XP. :smiley:

An offroad route would indeed be more engaging if it’s undulating and requires some pedalling.


I agree with you, Daren. Riding singletrails requires beside the technical skills a lot of high intensity stuff like intervals, micro bursts, VO2max to keep the speed in order to get over roots, rocks and undulating terrain.

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Here’s a way that Zwift could make things interesting for mountain bikers: just change the tarmac graphics to dirt! There is a fix to make the New York elevated roadways to be opaque so I’m thinking this should be fairly easy.
Then give us a gravel bike and a mountain bike with maybe a mountain bike style helmet and a long sleeved jersey and full finger gloves. This should all be quite simple texture swapping without remodelling.
The ABSA Cape EPIC group workouts have proved to be very popular so maybe now’s the time to introduce something?

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Just want to pile on here as a mostly shredder, part time endurance rider and Zwift being the only way I’d ever ride road. :smiley:

I do love the aspects of training that Zwift allows, it’s not easy to train power consistently on real trails, or Z2 HR training when you’ve got a giant hill to pedal up and no way to keep HR low even with 30 front, 50 rear, etc.

But dammit, it’s so… roadie! Would be awesome to have some singletrack in those watopia mountains!

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Am i the only one who doesn’t like to implement mtb in Zwift? I can’t think of any fun of it 'cos you’re stuck on a static bike! The Fun of mtb is single-tracks with their lots of steering, downhill with jumps and braking tactics, grinding in mud and getting filthy,…
I mean, none of the above can be replicated on a static bike. Where’s the fun of having mtb’s and off-roads in Zwift if the only action you can do is pedalling? :thinking:

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I think that everyone has it’s own motivation for road, tri, cyclocross, gravel, mtb etc. and why they are using Zwift. And everyone has a valid point why they are doing it.

All feature requests like world switching, club jersey, velodrome, etc. are all about having an option to choose from. This feature request is also about having another option. Some will like it, some not.

The recently launched mtb workouts (Cape Epic Workout Series) are a good example that more options are making a difference. Riders with different backgrounds enjoy a new experience in Zwift.

Ride On!