It's time for MTB and gravel bikes on Zwift

(Matthias Urech (Nidibikers)) #1

This topic was also mentioned a lot in the old forums. It would be great to have MTB bikes available in Zwift. It’s kinda weird connecting a MTB to a smart trainer and seeing a road or TT bike on screen.

I can only speak as a member of the MTB community, but I guess some riders would like to have a gravel bike as well…

And more dirt on Zwift, please. But that’s another topic :wink:

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

You’ve got my vote.

Mountainbiking in Zwift would be a lot less scary than doing it in real life. :smiley:

Off-road trails would be a great addition too. Will be weird riding them on a road bike. O_o

(Miles Orchard (D)) #3

You get a plus vote from me!

(Leigh Blackman) #4

I love the idea. Personally i’d still ride on my road bike / direct drive trainer in the real world but riding a mountain bike in game would be something different and exciting. All they’d need to do is whenever you switch to a MTB ride, the trainer difficulty drops to say 25% instead of the 50% default which would make the MTB trail feel a lot more realistic (higher cadence) rather than grinding away.

(Christian Bolduc) #5

Another vote here!!