It's time for MTB and gravel bikes on Zwift

(Raino) #21

Cyclocross race course would be awesome. I’ve played The Descenders on xbox and Bike Unchained 2 on my ipad and almost miss the pedaling. Tapping on controller or screen is stupid when you could be pedaling yourself.

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(Michael) #22

You got my vote as well. Loved the Absa Cape Epic Workout Series and I ride MTB and Road. Would be looking forward for bikes and routes. :smiley:

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(Thijs vd Nieuwenhof [STA]) #23

You’ve got my vote, riding my Specialized MTB with the Wahoo Kickr and looking at a TT bike is indeed kinda odd. Loving the experience though, don’t get me wrong, but some gravel tracks would be awesome :wink:

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(G) #24

There are some gravel roads already - in the Jungle. And people are already pi**ed off because of dust … :wink:

My 2c - real MTB tracks (as requested above) in Zwift doesn’t sound meaningful to me. MTB is about descents, rock gardens, roots, steering etc … and as you probably know you can’t get anything like that in Zwift … all you can do here is pedaling and (no offense) “dumb pedaling” has nothing to do with real MTB fun.

(Tim) #25

I think a MTB route with a Wahoo Climb could be real fun.
Modify the Wahoo Fan to spray some mud on you too! (that’s a joke) but the Climb might really be fun.
I still find myself steering my bike on Zwift and laugh at myself for doing so.

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(Ole-Kristian) #26

I’m not sure MTB tracks will work in Zwift. I have been riding the Watopia Esses and down in the subway of London, and I can get nauseous of less. Up hills could work fine, but jumps and fast chaging tarrain would not be that great.

(Matthias) #27

It would be great if Zwift becomes a place where it holds something for all cycling communities and we have bikes and roads for gravel, cyclecross and MTB. At the end of the day it’s all about having more options.

(Adam) #28

Exactly, I do not really understand this request for MTB, especially with the state of technology today.
How do people imagine MTB trail in Zwift? Is it just trail route with a cool forest design, or desert? Or it is some route with fast changing gradient? Lets say 25% for 20 meters, then 5%, then 15%, 2%, -35%, +23%, 15%, 29%, 11%… and so-on. Don’t even imagine the horror of riding this on today’s smart trainers, especially when the gradient could change each several meters.
…but…with all this, for the gravel routes, I think that part of the Watopia routes are gravel (Jungle for example).

(Matthias) #29

This thread is more about having an option for Gravel, Cyclecross and MTB bikes.

However, while a MTB ride profile might look like a shark teeth, each singletrail is different. As you can see in the enclosed picture, the highlighted singletrail does not have extreme gradent changes. The gradient varies between +/-5% and changes are occurring 30 seconds up to 1 minutes.

The power output looks more or less like an interval session. I’ve seen even more extreme group workouts in Zwift where the power curve was changing faster. I’m confident that Zwift will find a way how to make off-roads both realistic and usable.

(S Cuth) #30

When is MTB or Cyclo Cross coming to Zwift? None of the courses currently offer anything like Cyclo Cross, 20 second climb followed by 1minute gringind through mud, followed by 1 minute climb etc etc… Less New York and more realism would be great.

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