It's time for MTB and gravel bikes on Zwift

(Raino) #21

Cyclocross race course would be awesome. I’ve played The Descenders on xbox and Bike Unchained 2 on my ipad and almost miss the pedaling. Tapping on controller or screen is stupid when you could be pedaling yourself.

(Michael) #22

You got my vote as well. Loved the Absa Cape Epic Workout Series and I ride MTB and Road. Would be looking forward for bikes and routes. :smiley:

(Thijs vd Nieuwenhof (MTB)) #23

You’ve got my vote, riding my Specialized MTB with the Wahoo Kickr and looking at a TT bike is indeed kinda odd. Loving the experience though, don’t get me wrong, but some gravel tracks would be awesome :wink:

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #24

There are some gravel roads already - in the Jungle. And people are already pi**ed off because of dust … :wink:

My 2c - real MTB tracks (as requested above) in Zwift doesn’t sound meaningful to me. MTB is about descents, rock gardens, roots, steering etc … and as you probably know you can’t get anything like that in Zwift … all you can do here is pedaling and (no offense) “dumb pedaling” has nothing to do with real MTB fun.

(Tim Camden (B)) #25

I think a MTB route with a Wahoo Climb could be real fun.
Modify the Wahoo Fan to spray some mud on you too! (that’s a joke) but the Climb might really be fun.
I still find myself steering my bike on Zwift and laugh at myself for doing so.