Zwift MTB Setup advice

So given the current climate and changes to personal circumstances I’ve not been able to ride much this year and I’m looking to do something about that.

I’d been looking at smart bikes to have in the spare room with the hope that I can find one that is quiet enough to use when the kids are in bed asleep. Advantage being I don’t need much floor space for one.

But then I saw the MTB element now in Zwift and that appeals much more to my limited concentration span. But from what I’ve managed to read so far that requires a Smart Turbo. Which would mean getting permission to either buy an indoor bike or cleaning to a be spotless one of the existing mountain bikes from the garage before the boss will let it in the house.

Are people using smart bikes for zwift MTB or does it only really work well when using mtb gearing and smart turbo?

I’d assume using a smart bike you’d loose the steering feature.

Both options would end up similarly priced from what I can see kicker or Neo 2t plus a indoor bike vs smart bike.

Any thoughts or recommendations gratefully received as I’d like to get the setup right rather than regret it having spent the money.


Hi @Matt_Bourne1

There is no real MTB racing on Zwift, only one MTB section and you can do that on a road bike on the trainer.

MTB’s tend to spin out on the flat roads due to low gearing.


Riding the in game mtb is functionally the same as using an in game roadbike, only difference is visual and minor speed difference for your same power input

If you like looking slightly different and going slower (unless you are on jungle circuit) that’s really all there is