Bkool or Skillbike or Virtu Pro Indoor Bike


I want to start with Zwift again and get a dedicated indoor cycle for it. Is anyone currently using either the Bkool Smart Bike, the Technogym Skillbike or the Virtu Pro Indoor Bike with Zwift and can give me a recommendation. The pricing of the Bkool makes it the most attractive, but I don‘t think there is any way of shifting, right?

Thank you!

Hello Er,
I got a chance to ride the Tacx Neo Bike Smart recently, with Zwift and loved it.
Figured I’d share in case you are still deciding. It has a nice shifters too.

Ride On,

We have a few tested models of stationary bikes in the Compatible Trainers section of our Hardware page too. Many of them don’t support communication over both ANT+ and BLE, and some don’t control resistance, but there are a few models included that may be worth checking out.


If you want to be able to switch gears and a customizable frame that you can use with the entire family

I think the VirtuPro Indoor Bike is the only option at the moment.

The ATOM Watt is only available in the UK, switching is disappointing.

The Taxc NEO Smart Bike has been on my wish list for a while but still not available, maybe never.

I didn’t know Technogym Skillbike yet but it is very expensive, it is an alternative.