Newbie Zwifter, Need Help Re: Indoor Compatible Bikes

Just got into cycling a few months ago and I’m hooked, unfortunately, weather has made in unbearable and obviously with Covid, the supply/demand for any indoor exercise equipment is tough… Don’t really want to get into a debate of trainer vs stationary bike as I’m sure that’s been done a million times, and personally if it weren’t for back orders of 3-4 months of pretty much all the smart trainers (even the fluid trainers) I’d get one of those. That being said, a stationary does check off two major boxes where other members of my family can use it and some of the bikes I’m considering are available NOW.

Bikes I’m Considering:

  1. Schwinn SC Power
  2. Schwinn AC Power
  3. Life Fitness IC6 (Fitness shop guy said this was compatible with Zwift, but I don’t see it on Zwift’s site)
  4. Stages SC3 2.0
  5. Keiser M3i

So out of all these I’m leaning towards the SC Power as it’s slightly cheaper than the rest, but it’s not showing as a “supported” indoor bike on Zwift’s site, the “AC” is which is a bit confusing because they both have the echelon2 console, and the 4iiii crank arm PM. Only difference is the frame, and magnetic resistance (on AC) vs friction (SC). Is it a matter of just zwift being slow to update? I know there were issues with the Schwinn IC4 (aka Bowflex C6) with the over rating of the power, but does the better console and/or the 4iiii PM not alleviate this?

Again, If I could, I would get a trainer, preferably direct drive and obviously if I’m going to spend that kind of dough on a stationary, budget on the trainer isn’t a concern, just availability is. My main thing at the moment is to get riding indoors WITH Zwift with as little setup/issues as possible and ASAP. My bike is a 2018 Giant TCR Advanced 1 Disc.

ANY help/feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

Several threads on this forum you should check out.

I “dislike” them all as they are not “Smart” and I think cause frustration. But that said, from what I have read, those that have the Keiser have fewer issues.

If it has a power meter crank 4iiii and magnetic resistance then you should have a good solution.

As long as you can pair directly to the PM.

Only thing is you will have to adjust resistance manually.

If it was me then I would get the cheapest magnetic resistance bike and power pedals. You can then use the pedals inside and outside.

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Hmm the sc power has friction based resistance, maybe that’s why it’s not listed as a supported indoor bike then… It was definitely pretty much the max I was going to pay for an indoor bike, at that price point I could get the top trainer and more… But alas, the problem of availability… May have to look into your suggestion of a cheap spin bike and then start researching what power pedals to get

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