Concept 2 BikeErg or Other Indoor bike with Zwift

Hello all I am wondering if many of you are using indoor or stationary bikes rather than a smart trainer and your actual road bike, and if so, how is it going for you? I had horrible issues with my cycleops Magnus wheel on trainer and I am hardpressed to want to spend $1,200 to buy the Wahoo Kick’r II. I’d rather just buy a stationary bike that works with Zwift for the same money and save my drive train/ other wear and tear on my actual road bike, not to mention the hassle of hooking it up to ride indoors to only undo it and ride outside tomorrow…

What bikes have you been using and is it negative to not have the bluetooth, increased resistance on climbs? I know Concept 2 makes a great product I have a rower, but just looking for real life feedback to see what successes or frustrations your having with a stationary bike and if its worth going that route rather than new Wahoo?

Hi Calvin,

If you’re looking for an experience in Zwift with an indoor bike that is comparable to a smart trainer like the Wahoo Kickr for example, then your options are regrettably limited in terms of what Zwift supports.

The Concept2 Bike Erg does transmit power, but does not change resistance in Zwift, so it cannot really be compared to a smart trainer. 

The Wattbike Atom is currently the only supported indoor bike that both transmits power and offers controlled resistance in Zwift. Based on what you’ve described, I’d estimate that the Atom is likely the best match for you. 

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For what it’s worth, the current Kickr along with other nice Zwift-compatible trainers and power meters (Elite, Cycleops, Powertap, Stages, 4iiii …) are available at 20% off (at least in the US) through the 23rd: DCR BEST TECH DEALS - SPRING 2018.

I’d be reluctant to go with the Concept indoor bike, because it seems to be missing some of the standards that should be expected in 2018 (What’s Baseline on a Smart Trainer in 2018?)

Thank you both for your replies. Steven I am aware of the Wattbike Atom but it isn’t available in the United States. I also read some reviews that make it sound like its a poor quality bike.

Steve, Thank you for the heads up I read the article I feel there is an untapped market for indoor/stationary bikes to be “smart” and run on zwift just like a smart trainer would. Am I the only rider that gets annoyed with changing wheels around (trainer tire to normal tire) or if your direct drive then constantly be changing your setup to work indoors and outdoors?


I’ve been using the Concept bike erg for the past month and have logged about 20 hrs on it so far.  I bought the Concept erg because I liked the ability to adjust stem height and length on the fly and I didn’t want to use my standard road bike for several reasons.  I can change the stem position in seconds and tailor it to climbing, time trialing, etc and I have done so many times while riding on Zwift (at 53, my neck is old and creaky and not as flexible as it used to be).  FWIW, I’ve ridden and raced road and Mtb’s for years in NORBA, USCF, and multisport events. 

I put my own seat on the erg and put on my clip-in pedals.  The bars I’ve left alone for now. 

I bluetooth from the erg to the Apple TV and just use my HRM on the bike erg display.

I haven’t tried a Smart Trainer, and it might be more realistic as you’d feel resistance change automatically, but those users still have to shift gears.  On the Concept bike erg, you just reach down and open or close the damper a little to increase or decrease the resistance, and you get an “automatic” gear change just by doing that.  

I also like the zero maintenance of the Concept bike erg - at least that’s what they say.  I’m tired of working on and spending money on bikes.  So, in short, I’m pretty happy with the Concept bike erg as of now.  


Thank you very much E Borgnes that is VERY helpful!