Indoor Bike fully supported in Zwift


I have been using a Wahoo Kickr with my standard road bike and would like to replace that with a indoor bike, meaning I will not use my bike, neither the Kickr with Zwift, the reasons are:

  • Tired of have to adjust the rear shifter (even if kickr and bike are 11v) everytime I put the bike on or remove from the kickr.
  • Would like to have more people in the house to use Zwift without having to replace bikes and an indoor bike can easily fit to everyone here.
  • Avoid to buy extra accessories for rear axle compatibility if using other bikes in Kickr

So far so good, however I noticed in the supported list that there aren’t any indoor bikes that can be resistance controlled. I would like to keep the automatic resistance increase when we get into a slope.

Is anyone aware of a stationary / indoor / gym bike that could not only work as a power meter but also be controlled by Zwift regarding the resistance? I don’t want to loose any of these features that I have with the Kickr.

Wattbike Atom sounds like what you’re looking for.

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I would hang out for the Tacx Neo Smart Bike: