Real Ryder bike with Zwift

The new smart bikes like Wattbike Atom and Wahoo Kickr provide full integration with Zwift but I really like the unique sway capability of the Real Ryder spin bike. Using the Real Ryder the connection would be with a power meter and heart monitor to Zwift.

How much do I give up in the Zwift experience not having bike like shifting or direct app control? I’d have only watts, cadence and heart rate to guide level of effort. But I would gain the ability to move and engage the core that comes from Real Ryder. I’m not sure if it’s a good trade-off. Any opinions from Zwift users who may have moved from limited connectivity to a fully integrated smartbike?

Its an expensive decision so I want to due as much due diligence as possible. Thanks for any replys.

Cool looking spinner but I would find having to manually adjust the resistance a real PITA. You might be different.

I just saw a demo of the shifting setup on the Wahoo Kickr bike. That decided it for me. I’m going with the Wahoo. It’s set up for these amazing new apps and for what is coming in the future with a really bike like experience.