Turbo Trainer of Smart Bike


I am new to Zwift and am looking at what to get for my set up. I am currently using a loaned smart trainer (Elite Turbo Muin Smart Turbo Trainer).

I have enjoyed this but it is a one way smart trainer so does not alter resistance according to the course/training session.

I have been researching a lot and there is a lot of choice. I am torn between staying with a turbo possibly a Kickr Core or Elite Suito or do I save a little more and get a smart bike like the Wattbike Atom?

It is not possible to trial these things unfortunately to see. I only have one road bike and actually do see myself training more indoors than going out as I am mainly doing this for my own health and fitness, I have not desire to race or complete long sportives.

So I am hoping to get some opinions and see what peoples personal experience is with the two types of tech.

Search the forums for issues. From what I’ve seen there are far fewer issues with the core than the other two you listed.

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Check out the reviews here: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2019/10/the-smart-trainer-recommendations-guide-winter-2019-2020.html

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Big advantage of a Wattbike or similar is not having to faff around with putting your road bike in the turbo. Zwift & Atom has been solid for me for 9 months / 2500 miles.

Be aware, if you ever want to get the kickr climb then you need to have a wahoo trainer (as it stands presently the other trainers don’t allow for the movement on the axel without scraping off little bits of metal).

If you have a spare bike then a trainer is a good idea (use your spare bike so you don’t have to move your bike off and on).

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Thanks @Ben_Hunt1 I am 90% certain I will get a Wattbike.

Tempted to wait for a new version but can’t see that being for a while with the atomx being developed for commercial use and it looking very similar to the existing atom.

How do you find the gear changes now? I am struggling to find information about whether the gear lag issue has been significantly improved or even fixed.

Second, do you find it ever spins out on you?

Thanks for your help

You don’t want a Wattbike if you want the best experience.

I don’t find gear changes a problem. And I haven’t spun out.

I find the experience on the Wattbike just as close to riding the road as having my road bike in a turbo was.

Thanks Ben.

I have ordered one. Did a lot of digging and most owners seem to enjoy it with only some having issues which appear tonne solved quickly by wattbike.

Just got to wait 9 weeks now but also glad to be supporting a home grown company.

Thanks for the info. Really looking forward to getting it