Wattbike Atom v Road bike


I have a Wattbike Atom and use it a lot on Zwift. I have done a few races and watch the Zwift races on youtube when I can. I have never seen anyone on youtube racing on Zwift using a Wattbike Atom. Is there any particular reason for this? Are actual roadbikes connected to a smart trainer better for some reason or is it just because those guys use those bikes on the road aswell and so don’t need a wattbike? Just curious.



Bikes with smart trainers tend to be far more accurate on all readings. I use a Schwinn IC4 spin bike, but it can be questionable on its readings, resulting it potentially more power per /kg giving me more speed. (mine seems to be fairly accurate compared to some others sold in 2019)

Plenty of people use their own bikes with traininers or just an older bike as there set up.

People’s set ups can be found over at

Thanks Matthew, yes the accuracy could be the issue as I tried a workout on Zwift this morning for the first time in over a year and really struggled to keep the wattage consistent. It was jumping all over the place. I had to stop in the end as it was so frustrating.



For some reason the Atom hasn’t got the following of some of the smart trainers. For me, they are too small (the Seat post is too short). Calibration used to be an issue on the old Wattbikes. You know, in the gym where everyone had the favourite bike?!

If they now have calibration, that’s great as supporting a British brand would be fab.

For me:
If I ride outside, I already have a bike. Just need a trainer (or also already have one).
If you don’t ride outside, why would you want to train riding a bike?
The whole point for Zwift is to maintain my fitness during Winter, so I can keep cycling in the Spring and early Summer.

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Bingo for me! While i do have a mountain bike, and so does the wife, we do not have the room to set up 2 bikes on trainers, and she may not use it as much. Then in nice weather we would have to take it apart, move bikes up and down stairs and I have enough issues with motivation! With a stationary bike, you just get on and go all year round if you cant get out.

It’s very awkward for me to get my bike through the house and up the stairs to my spare room where I Zwift, from the place where it usually gets stored (and then bringing it back down again whenever I want to ride it outside), so an Atom that I can keep there constantly and just be able to jump on at a moments notice was an ideal solution for me.