Wattbike Atom gearing and power

It may be my imagination but in the last week I’ve noticed that when cycling in Zwift, the power for a given gear on my Wattbike Atom has changed, so for example gear 13 puts out more power for a given cadence than it did previously. The jump in power between gears is also higher and less smooth.

I’ve not changed any settings on my Wattbike, which is set for 22 gears. I’ve reduced my trainer difficulty from 100% back down to 50% and that has mitigated most of the change.

Power output seems fine when I tested in the Wattbike Hub today.

Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just time I got my Wattbike serviced? Thanks.

Hi Matt, I was just thinking today things are going strange.
Have you installed the beta firmware from Wattbike Hub? I have.

Couple of related changes I’ve noted.
I’m seeing a massive watt spike needed to spin up after a coast. Even on a down hill…that’s not realistic…and I don’t remember it being like that before.
I noted that 7 to 8 has a massive jump. 140 → 190
I also seem to be in 1 higher gear for every situation. I’m happy with that as I am not fit and going up alpe du zwift even 1st wasn’t OK for me. I did move the Trainer Difficulty recently and then put it back to what my eye says is 50% so I don’t see that that is different to the default I’d been on before.

FYI I’ve been reading that the virtual gearing is the only thing the Trainer Difficulty does on Atom’s. It gives you a higher geared cassette at 100% compared to 0% without changing the actual difficulty if you get my meaning. I’m not sure 100% for racing is fair as you can fit real lower gears on a TT even on 100%…

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I’ve also noticed that after coasting (maybe a few secs to have a breather!) the gear has changed and I either need to put in a massive effort to get going or downshift 4/5 gears to build the power back up. Doesn’t matter if it’s downhill or flat. Seems like an auto gear change when I was expecting it to be the same.

Could that be related to Trainer Difficulty? I’ve not heard of that setting before

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Thanks both. It definitely isn’t anything to do with the trainer difficulty setting, which effectively is just changing the gearing of the Wattbike in Zwift. I’ve noticed it since the latest Zwift update. I’m not running the Beta firmware on my Atom.

I did two hours of cycling with Wattbike hub today (for a free app, I’d forgotten how good it was) and the power felt fine so I don’t think it is the Atom.

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I think there is a decent amount of effort behind the scenes between WB and Zwift, the two companies are aware of issues since the ‘steering’ release. I hope that a bug fixed version will be released soon with working steering and all other quirks ironed out.

I used the Hub for 3 months before joining Zwift it is pretty good, I wish the PES was on Zwift and I wish you could setup your own workouts on Hub…because I prefer doing specific workouts without the confusing distraction of power not being linked to what the road is doing.

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An update to this. After a week of using Wattbike Hub I tried Zwift again this morning; I had to log in from scratch on my Apple TV and I noticed that all my power values on the ‘Paused’ screen had reset to zero; however the power through gear changes was back to normal, much smoother. I reported the issue to Zwift and so am wondering if they reset my account; whatever has happened, the reset seems to have worked. :slight_smile: