Wattbike power problems

Hi guys - please can someone help as I’m at my wits end ha! I’ll never be Pogacar but I’m really enjoying Zwift and this is really spoiling the experience. I expect to be finishing at the back of races but I try to improve on my own stats but they have suddenly dropped.

I was recently upgraded to Cat C around the time the latest zwift update came out. Since then, I am having to push so much harder yet my power output seems ridiculously low (my heart rate data remains consistent, although on my latest 2 rides I have had to use a fitbit as my wahoo tickr is being repaired).

Is anyone else having the same issue? I was climbing in gear 8, pushing almost as hard as I could and my power output was sub 200w which just feels wrong. The climb I just completed took my over a minute longer than my best (only a 6 minute climb) yet I was pushing much harder.

I run a wattbike atom v2 on windows

Thanks for any help guys!

I normally spin in 10/11 at around 150w/75rpm.

200w in 8 doesn’t sound that unbeliuevable - I use the 22 (I think) gearing setup.

Hi. Thanks so much for coming back. But even on the flats it was so much lower than I’ve had before, I weigh 85kg so it was giving me around 2w/kg up climbs at times which I know is so different than this time last week pre update.

On the flats I was about 50w down on my conservative expectations - I think you get a feel for these numbers over time and I just know something has changed

Also, I do usually climb in 11/12 (22 gear set up) but it is now simply too hard to spin in those gears where it hasn’t been in the past. It almost feels like im 50kg heavier or something

Same for me. 1st gen Atom, latest stable firmware (also tried beta), 22 gear setup. Windows laptop. Latest Zwift update just makes hills ridiculous compared to previous operation. Spinning nicely at 80ish RPM in gear 13/14 used to be fine on shallow (4%) hills, normal effort producing 230-250W. Now I’m having to push hard to maintain cadence in that gear and hitting 300+W.

Silly question, have you both checked to see if your trainer difficulty (on zwift) is set at the same level it was before?

I haven’t noticed any change on my v1 since the last update (I’m running Windows 10)

Thanks so much for the suggestion James, yes still at 50% as it was before unfortunately.

The difference is marked, so glad someone else is experiencing the same!

Same as Daniel - unchanged at 50%.

Just did Sand & Sequoias. 75 rpm, gear 13 rolling along at about 240W. 3% incline comes along and keeping that gearing/cadence has me on 315W. Shouldn’t be getting a third more power on a tiny bump of a molehill.

I’m having the same issue on my wahoo kickr bike following the latest update. Kickr bike is meant to be accurate to +/- 1%. HR is consistent, however power numbers seem incredibly low for the RPE. I’m not sure what’s going on, but something has definitely changed following the major Zwift update.

I’m afraid that I don’t have an answer for you all, but I would suggest contacting support with your latest fit files and see if they are able to see anything odd.

Thanks James. The other thing that’s occurring simultaneously is that the power readings are fluctuating wildly - even on the flats at a constant RPM - and even with Zwift settings set to display 3 sec average. Might have to use something to record the Zwift app on the iPad to show the support team

It sounds like it is showing your actual power, rather than the smoothed power the wattbike usually shows.

Matter of interest how are you connecting? You dont have both the Wattbike hub & Zwift open and running at the same time?

The watts wildly fluctuating used to be an issue if you tried to run both at the same time and didnt start the devices in the right order.

Hi Lee

I plug my bike into my windows surface pro directly and never run the Wattbike hub.

Thanks for the help!

Hi guys

Having had 3 weeks away I came back hoping this would have corrected itself.

I have just joined a race, absolutely at my limit, and its recording 171watts over 7 minutes, a full 110watts below my 5 minute best and in truth I felt I was pushing harder.

Something is not right - did anyone else solve the issue? My resistance feels completely wrong since the update, my power has dropped dramatically and I have checked that the trainer difficulty is still set to the normal default (50%)

Its completely ruining this hobby for me in truth.

Hey, Daniel.

Have you tried a different client? Maybe fire up a benchmarky workout in the Wattbike Hub and see how that feels? If you get the same sort of symptoms that would make it a Wattbike issue, right?

Apologies in advance if you’ve already done this.

I shall try that David - great idea - really appreciate the help

Hi Daniel, did you find a solution to this? I’m
having the same issue. Wattbike atom x and I think after an update my watts are down massively! I usually average around 200 and this past week I’m struggling to get above 100 watts. Really annoying.

Hi Neil - I haven’t yet fully solved it (hopefully sorted by end of the day) but it started by chatting with Wattbike who said the following:

‘On the Atom (Next Generation) there are additional sensors to refine the ERG and gear mode experience. If you have a problem with ERG mode, please check that your firmware is up-to-date (please check the firmware section of our support page).

If your bike is on the latest firmware and still experiencing resistance fluctuations with ERG and/or gear mode, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Please connect to your bike.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Known Wattbikes > Select your Serial Number (261*****).
  3. You will then see your diagnostic report displayed, please scroll down to the bottom of the report. Here you will see the below section.
  4. Signal:
    5.- Absolute Force:*
    6.- Useful Force: 45*
    7.- Calculated Force:*
    8.- Flywheel Impulses in Current Revolution:*
    9.- Flywheel Impulses in Previous Revolution: —*
    10.- Chainwheel Impulses in Current Revolution:*
    11.- Chainwheel Impulses in Previous Revolution: --*
    12.- Electromagnet Coil Temperature:*
    13.- Electromagnet Resistance Level(%):*
  5. Please provide us with a video of your device screen detailing the metrics above whilst completing at least 10 full revolutions of your bike at around 80-90rpm. This must be in stable gear and please ensure that you do not freewheel at any stage or pedal backwards.

I will look forward to receiving this and will be in touch to advise of the next steps.’

I did this, and after reviewing the video they felt I needed to reset my zero state, which is done as described below, although I wouldn’t recommend doing this yourself unless you are sure this is the issue as I don’t really understand the consequences. I will be doing this later today when I return home and hope it solves the problem for me!

‘ It looks like the sensors for the resistance are reading as expected but the useful force seems like it needs a zero offset.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Enter into your Wattbike hub app.
  2. Select settings and enter into known Wattbikes.
  3. Select your bike and ensure that you are connected. The circle next to your serial number should then turn green.
  4. After this please enter into advanced settings rotate your pedals back 1 full rotation, set your pedals at 6 and 12 and ensure that you do not place and power through pedals.
  5. Under the set zero state press section press set.

Note that you will not be notified of the set occurring, but this will have occurred.

Hope this helps mate!

Hey Daniel, wow thank you for the fast and detailed reply. I will double check the Wattbike firmware, take the readings as outlined and provide them to customer support this evening. I will hold off on reseting my zero state :slight_smile:

Let me know how you get on once you’ve had a chance to reset yours. Good luck and thanks again for the message :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Neil - no problem at all mate

Just to let anyone else on this topic know, this solved the issue for me, Wattbike were absolutely brilliant (I knew something was up!!)