Power not matching effort on TTT


I take part in a WTRL TTT each week.

Last time out I had to drop out of the race right after the start. The reason was that despite putting in usual effort circa 200W the Zwift app was saying I was doing less than 40W and accordingly my virtual speed was also a lot less. So I was quickly dropped. The resistance to even generate 40w was very high so it was impossible to catch up.

Everything else worked; I was in the PEN ; I could see the other riders and we started on time.

Maybe a one off but any suggestions on things to check would be welcome. Thank you.

Sorry I should have said that I use a Wattbike Atom to train / ride Zwift

Did you do a warm up in erg mode by any chance?

Though, in recent weeks there has been lots of people reporting the same issue with V2 Atoms - It might be related to the firmware update Wattbike released.
This issue used to happen when the v2 was released, but went away for ages but seemingly has come back in recent weeks\months.
If it is was erg mode, then that might be an known issue with zwift at the moment.

Thanks Lee ; I might need to check the ERG mode. I will ping WattBike a note as well ; thanks for the advice.