Erg mode not working on Wattbike Atom

Just got the new Wattbike Atom Next generation.

Tried it in Erg mode tonight, but it will not work?

It says it’s in erg mode but their is no resistance. The wattage is jumping all over the place. It’s definitely in erg mode as the gears do nothing if I try to change them.

I run Zwift off my PC laptop with Ant+. I did try it in Bluetooth but it did exactly the same.

Hi, I have the 1st generation, it had similar issues to start with but updates to the firmware have sorted it, so now I am pretty happy with it. I sounds like a firmware issue, so I would hang in there and keep looking out for updates. How is it apart from the erg issue, I was thinking of upgrading?. The 1st generation sometimes spins out on sprints, and bogs down if you stop pedaling for more than a couple of seconds, but I have got used to it.