February Update - Wattbike Atom ERG Mode NOT WORKING

I have as of today updated to the latest version of Zwift however it has killed off the ERG Mode for the Wattbike Atom. Tested it on Wattbike Hub and the equivalent ERGO mode is working and interestingly my wife’s is running the old version of Zwift and its still working on that version.

Any input fixes would be appreciated.

Please note I’m running Android and Zwift over my Pixel 3a device.

Same experience here

Hi Mark there is another thread creates by Tomas Lundell where people have posted but no Admin responses on this.

thanks, I might try uninstalling or try to roll back the version, it was working fine before

No luck on Android at all
Tried it on my partners IoS device and works fine in ERG mode so its and Android specific issue

Hi Mark have a look at my reply on Tomas thread as I have found a work around using a laptop and then connecting to the bike via the Companion app and this works brilliantly however the Android issue persists indeed. I have gone back to the Zwift Team today and given them the info on firmware version etc so hope this is solved soon.

thanks, I can use apple tv on a different screen as a backup, I just prefer to run on android tablet and have something else on my big screen. I can wait for a fix, have logged a ticket with support, but no response yet.

…Its reall not very good software QA considering the budget zwift must have now from subscriptions…

Its fixed now, at least for me, the latest update on android updated today when I started up and erg mode works great again, maybe even smoother

thanks zwift support


Hi All - I’ve just started with Zwift and Wattbike Atom and when I did the 6wk FTP builder session it felt very light and I was spinning out. Admittedly the wattage was set low (55w and 75w intervals), but when I hit the 95rpm cadence it suggested I was spinning out and it kept jumping around on the power. Consequently I only got 4/12 stars despite maintaining a very consistent cadence. It also meant I looked like I was hardly moving compared to other riders.

Long story short- is this normal or is there something wrong? Thanks!

Running ipad pro, Wattbike Atom and Wahoo Tickr via bluetooth.

Hi @Sebastian_Goldsmith,

I’m far from expert and others might well contradict me, but I’d say what you’re seeing is normal. At 55w, unless you weigh almost nothing you’re going to be moving very slowly on the flat… if there’s an incline (which you’ll see in the thumbnail map) you’ll be crawling along. Don’t worry about it - it’s quite demoralising seeing them fly by, but the important thing is to maintain your power and follow the workout.

On the spinning out I suspect you’re at the lower threshold is the Atom’s resistance; the resistance decreases as cadence increases to maintain a set power - that is, you have to pedal harder if you’re pedalling slower to produce a given power output than if you’re pedalling fast. At 95rpm and 55w you’re probably spinning out as it says. 75w should be better, but you can always reduce the cadence a little until it starts to give a little resistance. Your FTP results won’t be affected that much by it and you’ll have a better experience.

Good luck!


Thanks a lot Kev - you confirmed what I hoped! As the programme builds it should get more comfortable as I am heavy but have quite powerful legs. Still it was surprising how much of a sweat I got on just spinning out, even if I never got out of breath.

Thanks for the feedback!

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