Wattbike wont work with zwift

Hi All,

I understand this has been mentioned a million times, so im really sorry, however, i just can not get Erg mode working on my wattbike 2nd gen.

I havent trained now for over a month and im desprate to to get this working because the unwanted weight is starting yo pile on again!

I link my wattbike up through bluetooth, via my android samsung S23 ultra and I’ve never had a problem until last month.

Ive tried so many things, I.e, reset the app, deleted it, re installed it, updated the firmware via the wattbike hub app, then got rid as it dodnt work. Ive changed batteries in the handlebar. I litrelly have no idea and would glanding pay someone to come and sort it (macclesfield area :laughing:).

When i link up, everything seems fine, it connects to the wattbike power sorce (cadence etc as it should be. But as soon as i go on to a workout, my bike just shows 0 watts when i peddle. The peddling gets harder then eases off again yet my bike dosent move.

Any help would be very greatful.

Thank you :+1:

Make sure Beta Firmware is unchecked in the Wattbike Hub App, then try this:

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Your an absolute legend :raised_hands:

I may still have a chance and the misses still finding me attractive now :rofl:

Fingers cross for tomorrow’s workout :muscle: