ERG mode not working on Wattbike Atom V2

Hi, ive just bought a Wattbike Atom V2. Ive previously had a wahoo kickr core. I use structured workouts on Training Peaks.

When i do the WO on the kickr the power regulates itself and basically all i do is hold cadence.

So far on the Atom i cant figure ERG out. In a workout my power is all over the place. At the weekend ive 3 Tempo intervals to do and really unsure how ill successfully hold a power for 20 mins



The kickr has probably been lying to you.

If you post a screenshot of a graph showing how your Atom is holding power in Erg (preferably showing your cadence as well) I can maybe tell you if it’s as up-and-down as I’d expect. 2 minutes at, say, 90% FTP would be good.

As I’ve said before, about any trainer, if you pedal as smoothly as you can in Resistance and your power varies btwn, say, 240 and 260 watts, and then you stick it in Erg and don’t see the same variation, it’s just not possible that the trainer isn’t lying to you.

All that being said, when it comes to the Atom - at least in terms of what it’s sending to Zwift - if I focus I can produce slightly smoother power in Resistance than in Erg. :man_shrugging:t2:

Wahoo trainers have very aggressive smoothing, the Atom’s is pretty normal, so the 2 feel very different.

My Atom went back under their satisfaction guarantee due to this and some other issues. Didn’t bother me as I rarely use workouts but others in the house who do, just couldn’t get on with the ERG mode.

Hi @Darren_Ross Could you please check your trainer is not on Beta Firmware? Wattbike’s latest beta firmware may not be compatible with Resistance in Zwift. If that’s not the case please, review this Zwift Support Hub ERG Troubleshooting.

Wattbike Atom Beta Update [July 2023]