erG mode dropping out after 32 mins

Hi, I set a plan through TrainingPeaks which links to my Zwift account with specific power targets. When I ride my watt bike pro through Zwift erg mode keeps dropping off after 32 mins! I’ve updated firmware for watbike and Zwift but still the same? Any ideas to help please?

Wattbike Pro?
Can’t run erg with a pro. You can with an Atom?

Edit - technically you can run erg with it, just the pro is a dumb trainer with power meter.

No it’s a wattbike atom

Probably need a few more details to help…

Does it happen if you just use the wattbike hub?
Is it a V1or V2?
Is it all erg based workouts or just specific ones?
Does it happen with any of the zwift predefined workouts?

If the workout changes from power requirement to HR or cadence it might cause it.
Zwift have a few issues with the Atom but not heard or experienced (I have an atom) this myself…