Wattbike Atom gear drops and resistance falls in ERG mode

Using wattbike atom with Zwift. Both up to date firmware and app. Running on AppleTV

I am having an intermittent problem where I can be riding quite happily at say 150w within a recovery period of a Training Programme ride, ERG mode enabled, and then as the programme tells me to kick up to 400w (for example) the resistance will drop for a couple of seconds and then return, then drop, then return. As though it cannot handle the additional wattage going through. And then once the Programme goes back to the 150w recovery period, it’s fine again.

When I turn ERG mode off and use my gears manually it’s absolutely fine. It also never happens within normal rides.

My internet connection seems strong and doing speed tests my ping is around 15, download around 60mbps and upload 29.

It only ever happens well into a ride. Say, at least after 20 minutes, which is super frustrating as just settling in.

I’ve raised a ticket with Wattbike too, but thought I’d ask here…

Cheers for your help!

As a guess, its a Wattbike Next Gen. Try using the Beta firmware and sometime if you use the custom gear mode that causes some gearing issue (though, as you are in erg it shouldnt really be an issue).

To test, you could try the same efforts in the Wattbike hub and see if it happens in that.

Thanks Lee. Appreciate you taking a look. Can confirm this ONLY happens in Zwift, and ONLY when in ERG mode. And yes, the Wattbike Next Gen bike.