Wattbike Atom - Power Fluctuations

Hi everyone,

I can see there are a number of posts about this issue, but I can’t find any resolutions.

My setup is, Wattbike Atom V2 and a Windows 11 laptop. When I use ERG mode during a training session, the watts fluctuate by +or- as much as 50. Sometimes it fluctuates multiple times per second.

This problem does not occur if I turn off ERG mode or if I use the native Wattbike Hub App.

Any advice will be much appreciated.


Can you feel the fluctuations? I can’t. As a result, I don’t sweat it.

I just ignore the power numbers and focus on maintaining a steady cadence - or changing cadence gradually - while trying to keep smooth power around the full pedal stroke. You’ll still get fluctuations in Erg, but they’ll be smaller.

If I look at the power number it just makes it worse, because by the time Zwift tells me to apply more the bike has adjusted, so then I apply more torque after the resistance has ramped up and now I’m way over target watts. The same works in reverse, so you end up seesawing all over the place.

Hope this helps.