I’m using the Wattbike ATOM NG via bluetooth, Zwift on windows10.

When riding in Ziwft and doing a ramp ramp test or other workout (eg Emily’s short mix). In Zwift it says I’m in ERG mode but it doesn’t seem to control resistance. Basically I was expecting as my cadence drops then I would feel more resistance and have to put more effort it to keep turning the pedals. When below target I’m warned that I need to up power and sometimes if I drop too much it says dropping out of ERG mode, and if build up again it says it’s back in ERG mode. Also as expected the gear is not displayed, but if I use the shifters I can feel it getting easier or harder. Is all this expected?

Basically I was expecting, to a first order, that if I’m able to turn the pedals then I’ll be at about the prescribed power. I know there are issues with the ATOM and ERG but thought this was more about fluctuations.

Grateful for any advice.


Ah looks like already discussed in topic 207411

" [Windows Bluetooth Controllable not setting Wattbikes’ resistance in ERG mode"

though that’s mainly related to Gen 1 Atom but seems likely the NG Atom will use similar protocols.