Zwift stuck in erg mode with Watt Bike Atom

Have been using my Watt Bike atom with Zwift for over a year. Runs through computer.
Everything links up ok and Zwift says it has control.
In the past has worked perfectly with hills.
Recently (since start of Tour de Zwift) it seems to be stuck in erg mode.
I have used Zwift companion through a Samsung tablet - but disconnected this.
Also tried rebooting and switching Watt Bike Atom off and on. (runs with power cord)

Have run the Watt Bike atom through the Watt Bike Atom app, and it works fine with gradients e.g. Box hill.

Just completed Tour de Innesbrook but could get any feeling of the hills at all.
As mentioned this is all new, and there have been some upgrades recently.
Any ideas anyone?
Thanks in advance

What is your trainer difficulty setting at in Zwift?

Was at 50%. Tried increasing to 100% but made no difference. The watts output is fixed on the gears not the incline/decline. e.g. gear 10 gives me 160 w gear 11 200w etc.

I have same problem. And also completed Insbruck hill and didnt feel any change of gradient. Did you solve this problem already? thanks

Nn still communicating with Zwift. No help as yet.