Wattbike wattage issue

Hi, I am having a problem with my wattbike atom where it seems to be stuck in a really high gear. In either erg mode or gear mode it won’t drop down at all so I can really turn the pedals to get going and it is putting out 700+ watts. I have been going through the gears and it doesn’t matter if it gear 1 or 22, it is the same. It’s quite frustrating!

This has happened once before and I called a watt bike engineer out and typically it seemed to fix itself as is always the case!

However, it has started to do it again this morning. I wondered if anyone has had this and there are any tips?


This may be a dumb suggestion, but check to make sure the rubber housing over the gear shift buttons hasn’t moved. Mine does this pretty regularly which makes the rubber push on the +gear button, rapidly taking me up to 22 gear and keeping it there. Push on the rubber around the red button to sit it back down.

I doubt this is the issue as this wouldn’t affect ERG but worth a look.

Good luck.

Thanks Jason, unfortunately tried that and it doesn’t seem to work.

This has happened once to me a few weeks back, but has not occurred again. My Watts / Cadence does occasionally drop from Zwift whilst riding and this occurred just before i was sent up into a high gear like you described. I had to switch the watt bike off and on again to resolve it. I wonder whether this is some kind of bluetooth interference issue as i think the shifters use blue tooth to change, but also perhaps its not the gear change , but the corrupted data being sent back to the bike. I will report back if this happens to me again.

Hi Kevin, thanks that’s really useful. I think you may be right about the fault, it has happened to me 2-3 times now but then, i switch it off come back the next day and it works ok. I can hear it loading up when I first turn it on, and I think that maybe sometimes it is failing to connect properly. Very strange, I have submitted it to wattbike, so will see what they say.