Wattbike going uphill an gears drop to 1st then can't change gears

Hi there ,just to see if anyone else having issues with the wattbike next gen and zwift ,my wattbike updated new firmware this wk ,an had nothing but problems since ,1st problem = was 40 mins into a cycle then it stopped working even though bike feels like it’s peddling ok ,so no Watts displayed bike stops on screen , tried everything tried re pairing with bike, then says its paired only for it to still not work ,had to Finnish workout reset app sign back in seemed to pair but when tried to cycle it unpairs, this happened 2nd day too had to use the wattbike app for a cycle but zwift don’t seem compatible anymore .
2nd prob = started a new cycle new day all going well only for 16 mins in ,going up a hill the tension comes off the bike and I can’t then work my gears can peddle in one gear only but seemed like the 1st gear or something ,tried re pairing only not to work ,had to shut down app an re enter zwift losing my data ,start same cycle again all seems well only for maybe 10 mins in going up a hill for tension to come of an lose all controll of the gears , had to shut down a 3rd time ,re enter zwift reset bike on an off then just done a quick start cycle on zwift seemed to work OK for about 10 mins the I had to go ,anyone else having these issues or heard of these issues, driving me nuts

Re. 2 that’s historically been the hoods pushing against the downshifter. I always give the hood a good tug before starting a ride and it doesn’t seem to happen.

No sure if u taking the piss give the hood a good tug before a ride lol ,
But if u not I’m no sure what that is ,I’m fairly new to wattbike an indoor cycling

The hood is the bit of material that overlaps the gear change button. Mine is a 1st gen Atom and the material could sometimes be touching the downshift button, meaning you would be stuck in first gear.

Lol no probs al have a look for that when home ,though I don’t think that’s a problem on my bike ,I was in like gear 7 or 8 when the tension just drops an it feels like a 1st gear but can’t move gears till I reset app and bike then it works fine for a while ,seems to do it on hills