Wattbike Gear Shift Issue

I’ve been running a first generation Wattbike atom on Zwift for 4 years. This last week or so I’m finding that the gears are sticking and won’t shift easily. Not sure if it’s a Zwift bug or it’s a problem with the bike. Anyone else having similar problems?

Me too. Sometimes find that change up/down just don’t register, try again a few seconds later and all fine. Bit of a sod in races since it can be the difference between holding on to a group and being dropped.
Battery levels & diagnostics are fine, and when I do use the Wattbike Hub it’s been fine (but that’s far less often than I Zwift). Taken the shifter apart but no obvious loose wires or anything.

Same here. It broke for me in Zwift Update Version 1.51 (122036). I have contacted Zwift support and will post what they say.

Zwift support confirmed that they broke Wattbike gears in Zwift Update Version 1.51 (122036). They haven’t said anything more helpful than that so far…

This is also occurring with KickR bikes. Not sure if it is the same root cause. It appears to be a resurfaced bug from June that was fixed.

I’m assuming that the map/graphics update was on a development branch that didn’t have the bug fix and brought it back.