Cant get up to power reading in ERG mode :(

(Stuart Laidlaw) #1

Last night the erg function on Zwift went a bit weird and as hard as I pedalled I couldnt get it above 157 watts, despite Zwift shouting at me to increase power !
Is this something anybody else has experienced? I know its a proper first world problem but it was doing my nut in!
I ended up binning the session and just riding on Wattopia and the resistance was fine there for the hills etc
One other thing is I’m not 100% sure how tight to set the back wheel, I’ve just been setting it tight enough to not slip, is that what everybody else does?
Ta in advance!

(Aaron) #2

I use a Kickr 1st Gen. I have had occasions where the resistance is supposed to jump up from say 115 to 260 when I happened to be in too light of a gear where the KickR was unable to apply enough resistance to get me to the required wattage. By shifting to nearer the middle of the cassette the Kickr was able to adjust the resistance appropriately.

(Stuart Laidlaw) #3

Nice one cheers Aaron, I’m just been on it doing an SST session, it did it again a few times but I realised it’s dropping yeh controllable part of the turbo.
I had to just search and connect again.
However…does anybody have any idea why it would do that in the first place?

(Aaron) #4

In glad you were able to pinpoint the issue. Bluetooth can be unstable. Here is an article that might be helpful:

(Stuart Laidlaw) #5

Hey Aaron, ta for that. I’m connecting by Ant+ though not Bluetooth, is there anything else I should watch out for using that do you know?

(Aaron) #6

I don’t use ant+ with Zwift so i don’t have first hand knowledge, but i have seen recommendations to use a usb extension cable to get the ant+ dongle as close to your bike as possible.