Watts very volatile in ERG mode Kickr V5

Hey Zwifters,

I have a problem. I’m quite new to Zwift and just completed 2 Workouts in ERG Mode. Everything went perfectly fine, but today I ran the Zwift update as well as the Kickr V5 Update (4.2.8), and now the ERG mode is totally off. For example:

When I’m warming up to ride 100 watts at 85rpm the kickr holds the resistance for about 10 seconds, then suddenly the resistance increases as if the ERG mode had shut off and I’m suddenly pedaling 250-300 watts at the same rpm. Once Zwift increases to 120 watts at 85rpm it feels like ERG mode would kick back in but after 10 seconds the same game starts all over again. Does anyone have a tip for me or the same problem?

Thanks for your help!

Hey Tobias! This sounds a lot like the problems i’ve been experiencing for the past few weeks:

Have you found any solution to your problem, please?