Power fluctuating in erg mode

  1. Is anyone experiencing this problem…since the latest Zwift upgrade today, my Wahoo Kickr doesn’t seem to be able to be consistently controlled in erg mode. The wattage is all over the place. I’ve worked my way through all the generic Zwift trouble shooting guidelines to no avail. All firmware is updated. The ant+ usb seems to connect. No new devices in the vicinity to cause interference. I’m at wits end.

Hi Michael,

All seems OK with my KickR. I note you didn’t mention a spin-down, but I’m guessing you are on top of that. I would try removing the devices in Zwift and then re add them. Be sure to use the FE-C version.

That sounds like what ERG mode was like for me at first riding in Zwift, but it went away after a proper calibration spin down and ERG setting.

Note: Do not use the ERG test as an example as it switches between modes for the  test.

I have the same problem with my kicker snap. During the ftp test it is not possible for me to turn the crank. Even if you Five all you have. How can I fix it? It only occurs during the 20min ftp test and in the erg mode.
Any Ideas?

My kicker snap has been perfect for first 6 months with blue t and iPad but currently useless trying to train in erg or training ride requiring a target wattage. Fluctuates alll over the place.

Must relate to software update. Will try with ant rather than Blue tooth and with trainer road as have seen some posts which suggest this is still consistent.