Issues with Ergmode after updating Kickr Core

Hello Zwifters and Support!

A few days ago i updated my Kickr Cores firmware through the Wahoo App.
Since then i experience a lot off issues while measuring Power and Cadence.
At first i thought that maybe the WLAN is interfering with BLE and/or ANT+, so i tested switching off WLAN and using a extension cable for ANT+.
Also using the Companion App did not help.

The issue is always that when doing workouts the WATTS are going up and down, although i am pedalling steadily.
Yesterday e.g. i was doing this “grin and bear” workout and i was always told to do “more power”, then after a second to “pedal slower”. and after that “less power” and “pedal faster”. So this is a extreme case of cadence and power not matching together… i think that ERG mode was disabled completely, because i assume that normally the resistance should be set automatically according to my pedaling speed?

Another question: do i need to switch on ERG Mode in the wahoo app too? Or can i completely uninstall this app, because zwift will handle ERG/SIM itself anyway?
I am asking this because i do not see any “use ERG Mode” option in the workout section.

Also i am not seeing the SPINDOWN option in ZWIFT (any more). it was there before, but is not shown at the moment.
Does it make a difference, whether I do the spindown in zwift or in the wahoo app?

And is it better to set the power-update to “realtime” or to “3 seconds average” in Zwift?

Can you see something in the logs of the last few rides?

Thank you, christian

its always recommended to do a spin down in the trainers dedicated app

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Last issue first: My understanding is that you shouldn’t need to do spindowns ever again if you’ve updated the core firmware—it should calibrate automatically.

This morning, on my first post-update erg-mode ride, erg mode was not engaged at the start of my ride. I was distracted at the start, so I’m not sure whether there was a problem from the beginning or whether erg mode had disengaged because I was not generating enough power. But I kept peddling and turned erg mode off and on (using the in-game button on the pop-up menu) and then it worked fine for the rest of my ride.

I’ll see what happens on my next erg-mode ride (Friday).

I don’t know if the Core auto-calibration is the same, but the Zwift Hub auto-calibration will not function in ERG mode - it requires riding in SIM mode and coasting. I wonder if people experiencing apparent failure of auto-calibration are somehow not meeting the requirements to trigger it.

From what I’ve read, Core auto-calibration works the same way—it is “triggered” by coasting in sim mode. But I don’t think the new feature affects erg mode. I think it just means that if you want to stay calibrated, you should make sure to ride in sim mode occasionally.

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I’m having a similar issue. Instead of taking 3-5 seconds to settle into a new wattage in ERG mode, its taking 15-20 seconds and it’s often overshooting the target wattage by 40-50 watts. It sometimes gets stuck there (usually telling me to reduce power even though ITS the one doing it, not me!). After 20 seconds or so it finally straightens out and hits the target. It does it when increasing or decreasing wattage.

I also notice my cadence is sometimes wonky too, it’ll read 118rpm when I know I’m only spinning 90-95.

It started after the update that gave us virtual shifting (although i don’t have the controllers to use it yet), it worked just fine before that update. I’m connected to a PC via ANT, and I have a relatively new kickr core v6. I’m maintaining a steady cadence and not trying to shift or anything like that.

I went into the wahoo app and did a spindown just in case even though I’m not supposed to need to do that…so we’ll see tomorrow if it made a difference.

No problem with erg transitions on my ride this morning, running Zwift from my iPhone.