Kickr Core erg issues in a workout

After the latest update, I’m having real trouble with workouts.
When it asks for a power, eg 186w, the power figures jump around between 175 and 200+ watts
Previously it’s been perfect

And when the target changes, eg 240w, Zwift just continues at the original power without changing - if j switch off ERG, it makes no difference and it continues on the same power!!!

Running the latest Zwift, latest kickr core firmware
Have tested with the Wahoo app and the erg mode works on that, so I can only put it down to Zwift

It’s great when it works, but so frustrating when it doesnt, as I basically have to end the workout!!!

I have the same problem here with my core.

Are you using an iPad or iPhone to run Zwift? Others are experiencing this issue too, but one user switched to his macbook and it was resolved. I’m wondering if this is only an issue with iOS devices?

I have the same on my Mac, doesn’t work when I try to set ERG! Resets the work out. Does my nut!

I’m using latest MS Surface Pro, hard wired to the router,
Have also tried an ipad and same problem - ant is on extension right next to kickr too

Starting to wonder if it’s the kickr core - thisnos my 2nd as the first one had massive issues with the watts jumping

The issue is definitely a Zwift problem - tested erg mode kn the wahoo app - worked perfectly!

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*** UPDATE ***
Just done a session, and ERG worked perfectly!!!

I’d checked everything, and the last thing to change this session was my HRM!!
Always used a Garmin HRM til about 10 days ago when I changed to the TICKR - just realised that this was the same time the kickr issues started!!

Used the Garmin HRM and it all worked perfectly!!!