Workout Issue

I run Zwift on my iPad, using a Kickr core trainer.

Sometimes in a workout in erg mode the power setting for the trainer is out of sync with the workout. For example yesterday I did a 50 min workout, which and got all the instructions, gates between intervals etc. displayed on the screen and in the companion on my iPhone as expected. However, the power settings on the bike were about 20% slower. So after 5 mins the warmup was due to finish, the screen said it had, my avatar went through the coloured wall between intervals, and both the screen told me to increase power. The trainer only stepped up power after 6 mins. Similarly after 10 mins interval 1 was due to finish, screen said decrease power, but trainer carried on at higher erg power until 12 minute mark. Even when 50 mins was up and the app was telling me that the workout was complete, the trainer stayed in erg mode and switching between power levels 20% late (so interval due to finish at 45 mins actually finished at 54 mins). Trainer then dropped out if erg mode at 60 mins.

This doesn’t happen consistently, so sometimes workouts are fine. Also I didn’t time precisely, and although it was all about 20% slow, I think it varied a bit so some intervals maybe 15% too long, and some 25%.

Has anyone else experienced anything like that?