Erg mode not keeping up with the workout

I have a kicker core and I use Zwift on my iPad.

I done a ramp test yesterday just after updating Zwift. Each intervals of the ramp is 1 min but my kicker that I put into erg mode for the test was holding the power for 65 to 70 seconds and then chaining to the next step. So after 7,8 minutes I was a full step behind eg I was asked to hold 300 watts by Zwift but my erg was holding 280 as it was fallen behind.

Tried a workout in erg mode today and the same thing happened the erg mode was slowly falling behind what Zwift was asking me to do.

Just wondering if this is a Zwift of kicker core problem and if anyone has has something similar and if it is possible to fix.

I would make sure that everything is updated, that is the Kickr firmware, iPad OS, and Zwift. Also, be sure to force quit Zwift after each ride.

While I’m not sure how Bluetooth dropouts would manifest itself as the problem you’re having, you could also check out

I had the same issues today with my kickr. It worked fine yesterday during my workout. I was spinning out in hardest gearing and still not getting to requested wattage. VERY frustrating!