Issues with ERG mode

I am having ongoing issues with ERG mode, when doing a workout using ERG I am either unable to increase my watts or decrease them. I have uninstalled & reinstalled Zwift. Both the updates on Zwift & Kickr are up to date. Any suggestions please would be greatly appreciated

Having the same issue on kickr using Apple TV and Zwift 1.16. Had lengthy discussion with the support ambassadors and concluded that there’s almost certainly a bug causing issue for which there is no immediate work around. Hopefully Zwift hq will sort this shortly.

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. So frustrating not being able to do workouts. Let’s hope that can resolve it soon.

I can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed yet. You need to downgrade your kickr firmware to the previous version. Do a search here in the forums, there are a couple threads on how to do it. This issue was really frustrating before I found the solution.

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the advice but I’m using a 2016 kickr and the firmware for that hasn’t been updated in at least two years so it’s unlikely to be the root cause. It’s def a Zwift app issue. Hopefully as 1.16.1 was released today it’ll have a fix albeit it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes.

It is eventually sorted. Followed the instructions & downgraded the Kickr software. Thank you

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Yeah, it looks like you are having a separate issue, I was responding to the op. It looks like it worked for him. Hope you get yours resolved soon.