Kickr erg mode problem

(Jeff Greenberg) #1

Using the 14 day trial w/Kickr, a Macbook Pro "13 (2013) and BTLE. Very frustrated by my experience so far. I expect that Zwift will control my Kickr in erg mode and ensure that my target power and actual power are nearly equal without regard to cadence. But nothing like this happens. Even when Zwift claims  it’s in erg-mode my actual resistance never changes. This makes the entire experience useless. It constantly asks me for "more power"or “less power” and I end up shifting (which defeats the purpose of erg mode) and still can’t get close to the higher power requests because their just isn’t enough resistance. And the shortfall isn’t small – Zwift can ask for 700+ watts and my highest gear and fastest cadence (I keep to 70-90) only produces 250. This is ridiculous. What’s going wrong?

I know that my Kickr is working because TrainerRoad controls it perfectly. I was interested in Zwift because I’d like a more fun/casual indoor experience but the way it’s currently implemented, I’ll be sticking with TrainerRoad.

(Jason K) #2

@Jeff: I had a look at your account, and it looks like you’re connecting over BLE native on the Mac. There’s an issue with KICKR control over that protocol right now, and it’s not working properly.

The good news is that this issue will be fixed in our next update, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I’d recommend connecting via the ZML app as described here.

(Jeff Greenberg) #3

@Jason: I managed to get this working. A bit clunky and i had to unplug then replug my Kicker but eventually it worked! I’ll try a full workout tomorrow. The workaround is clumsy but I can live with it if it’s temporary. Thanks!

I also own an iPad Pro 9.7 and applied for the beta program (I think). Would that work better?

(Jason K) #4

This issue should be fully fixed now, so you can go back to just using it without any workarounds. :slight_smile: Ride On!