Fluctuating Wattage in Workout Mode

Whilst using workout mode after around 10-15 minutes of being completely stable wattage starts to fluctuate wildly with lots of “More Power” warnings - even when keeping cadence constant.

Resistance from my KickR doesn’t appear to change.

If I then switch back to Wahoo app, the variations continue until I do a spin down and re-start the KickR and app.

Any ideas anyone???

Firmware is up to date on KickR

For me the same problem since Sunday. I drive with P1 pedals, latest firmware, bus Friday everything was okay.

I’m having the same problems. Really upset with situation

I have read about this in the past with firmware updates from Wahoo. Take a look at this thread. It gets pretty deep but helpful information.


Sounds like best solution is to contact wahoo with your problem and they will go through and troubleshoot a solution. Appears some in the thread received a beta firmware update based on their problem.


Personally, I have not had any issues with my Wahoo gen 1.  Other when I stop pedaling and coast for too long in ERG mode. Erg goes into sleep mode.

Any update on this? I have a Tacx Neo and experience significant fluctuations in workout mode. Thanks

My situation is exactly the same and there has been no new firmware updates from Wahoo for a long time. My Kickr  has previously operated without issue. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Hi Ben,

We had the same problem but with the help of Wahoo Support we cured it by performing a couple of factory spin downs which are slightly different to the normal spindowns and making sure that when you’re pairing with Zwift your Power Source and Controllable Device both show FE-C pairings from the options available.

Hope that helps, Ann

Hi Ann,

Thank you very much for your reply. I have completed the two factory spin downs as you suggested and it appears to have worked although I have only done one ride since. For anyone else who reads this, if this comment has not been amended to reflect otherwise then assume this worked and try it yourself. 

Thanks again Ann.