Watt fluctuations on wahoo kickr

I’m currently running zwift With a wahoo kickr using Apple TV Via Bluetooth. I’m noticing significant fluctuations regarding the wattage (around 30watts), this seems to be more noticeable on on 0% or -gradients. As soon as I go over 4% it’s not as not noticeable. Any suggestions. Many thanks in advance

Hi @Gavin_Turner, do you have Zwift set to display 3 second power average in the settings. This will smooth out the display on the screen, it doesn’t change the actual power you are producing, just makes it look better on the screen. That might help.

Hi mike. Thanks for responding. I’m pretty sure I have tried this and although it does seem to improve things I’m still seeing more fluctuations than there should be. Especially in comparison to my old tacx vortex, which was much more stable.

well there is a big difference in a wheel on trainer like the vortex and a smart direct drive trainer like the kickr, it could just be the more accurate kickr and having the better road feel with a fly wheel that is causing the difference. As the kickr gets the 0% or negative road gradient info from Zwift it will reduce resistance and if you don’t change gears then spinning out would result in a drop in watts. You probably already knew that :wink:

Yes I agree but I’m noticing large fluctuations when the gradient isn’t changing and I’m maintaining a constant cadence. Just doesn’t seem right. Any thoughts?

have you upgraded the firmware and done a spindown after a 10 minute warm-up? There is also an advanced spindown that is hidden in the Wahoo app. That would be another option.

Thanks. Done a spin down but not a hidden spin down. Don’t suppose can advise as to where I can find this?

the advanced spindown is found by tapping on the kickr icon 10 times while in the wahoo utility app.

Actually thanks I have just googled it

I have 1st gen Kickr and last winter it went nuts with fluctuations in resistance. I quit using Zwift due to this and just controlled resistance via my iPhone. Then that control feature stopped altogether. Came back to Zwift a few weeks ago and everything seemed fine for full sessions. Then last week the resistance spikes came back, and would range +/-100w at any point. It’s so bad sometimes that my avatar stops pedaling even when I’m under heavy load.

The Wahoo self help is useless and I’ve done everything: check for s/w updates, spin-down, super-secret spin-down, and yet I’m no where better.

Rainy days and winter ahead I’m going nuts…

Appreciate any help or interested buyer for cheap Kickr f/s.

I’m getting the same thing on my Direto XR, hence why I have searched and found this post.

I’m not an overly experience rider so do not know if the fluctuations are acceptable or not. I used to have a Taxc Flow wheel-on trainer and it seemed a lot smoother.

I could be holding a staeady cadence (give or take 1-2 rpm) with no gradient change and the wattage could go from 250 +/- 30w but then drop to 170 then back up, all within seconds. Then up to 310. It just doesn’t seem right.

Maybe it is the more accurate trainer? I have read somewhere that the Zwift simulates gradients well so although it may look like 1% it could actually be 1.9% or anywhere in between. Could this be it?

Just looking for some advice from a more experienced rider / Zwift user…

Thanks for your time in advance.

I’m seeing exactly the same on my Wahoo kickr v5. I’ve tried pairing through companion, I’m not sure it is any different. The next for me is to log a ride completely in the Wahoo app with zwift/ATV off.