Wattbike 1500w stuck! error

Thank you for any help.
In my last ride “Richmond” the Wattbike got stuck at about 1500w for the last 2 minutes.
(I’ve removed that bit from my strava data)
All the rest of the ride is correct.
Can I edit this ride to remove that bit?
And get my FTP back to where is was?
Just started on Zwift my FTP was 230w that is correct for the data prior to this ride.
For info ALL the ‘power’ achievements up to the 1200w are correct - Those were all done in the previous rides (about 1370w is my max, 1000w+ for 12 ish seconds is about right)
When I went to sprint towards the end of the ride it went up to about 1500w and got stuck there, the last 2 minutes of the ride can be removed - And anyone is very welcome to pass this information to Zwift.
I will be away for about 2 weeks so if I don’t answer PLEASE don’t think your help is being ignored…
Thank you for any time and help to assist me