Issues with Wattbike

Hi there. I have noticed there is an issue with a wattbike as it looks like it get stuck / coasts at relatively high watts, giving certain watt bike users huge advantages in races. For some reason, these issues does not get picked up in the Zwift software. I have had a dispute with a local cycling club where one of their riders one of these sticky watt bikes, but they said unless Zwift comes up with an error everything is OK with the races. It is highly frustrating! Is there a bug fix for “sticky watt bikes” coming out soon?

Mine doesn’t do that. Wish it did!

I also had that issue last night. Started freewheeling and it kept going at 512Watts for two minutes! Initially I was overjoyed, but soon realized it makes a joke of the whole platform. Watt Bikes should not be certified for Zwift racing!