Over reading watts, DQ

British Cycling Crit City Series

Please DQ/delete me from this race today.

Looks like i got sticky watts again ingame in this race (when i stand and do mini burst it sticks for 3-4s when im not peddaling) . 270w avg 20m on headunit and crazy 340 ingame. Will try to figure out why this happens.



@shooj can you help me with This?

Are you actually pedaling like that?
Are you speeding up - stopping - speeding up - stopping?

If so, Have you tried just pedaling in a regular rhythm?

When im at the limit vs ppl above my lvl i stand alot and do mini burts to not fall off. And zwift registrered my watts wrong (i should just been dropped but i could hang on when zwift registrered my watts wrong, of course disapointing when i see after race that zwift was totaly wrong vs headunit that didnt stick my watts).

I do not cycle like this in normal rides. But it should not matter anyway, its something wrong with the connection with pedals and zwift and im trying to figure it out.

Look up “sticky watts” on the forum, plenty of discussion to be found.

I for one do actually have the muscle memory for this style of riding from outdoors, it’s how you can keep pedalling a single-speed bike when the speed goes above what is reasonable for the gear that is on the bike. I resolved this for myself by switching to the trainer as the power source, but I certainly think the delay should be eliminated (or at least reduced to something like 1 second) for races anyway.

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Thanks . this explain my insane power.

Tried to open a ticket and contact the zp team. But no answer.
“We have a small team at Zwift HQ handling ZwiftPower requests. Please allow them time to look into your questions.”
Does it takes weeks?