Jumping watts

Hi, i have been on Zwift for a month, and at the star everything was ok, but last 3-5 runs, i have really jumpy watts. Like from 150 to 350 and than again back to 150. All my setup is the same from the start. All started last week or maybe two. I have elite power mag on setting 3. Connected throught garmin gsc 10 and usb ant + dongle. I didnt change anything from start!! When i pedal to like 300w its jumping even to 800w or more. But just for a second and than goes back to 300w. 

I have a similar problem.Been using zwift for 7 months and now on the last two rides my rider keeps stopping, watts drop down, then they shoot up to as high as 3500 for just a second or two. I can’t get a consiatant ride at all having had a relaively trouble free experience since I started using it

+1 I have a similar problem. 1200 Watts /  Cadence 600-32000rpm for just a second or two.

in my case, my maximum watts are 400 watts , i pedal more and more and the watts stay the same in 400 watts , why this happened ? in my garmin it goes in 700 watts for example  but in zwift don’t go up over the 400 watts.


My wattage goes from 0 to 400+ and never stays consistent.  My speed does the same where I’ll be pedaling but my bike will stop moving.  It’s extremely frustrating.  I don’t see any solutions to this problem on zwift.

hey zwift, any comment??

same problem utterly frustrating